Home Automation

At Eagle Computer and Automation, we took a close look at this industry and had to make some important decisions.

  • How do we offer an automation system to EVERYONE. That means: low-end, middle of the road, and high-end installations. From 1st time novices to experienced and well researched experts.
  • How do we guarantee the installation will work consistently with confidence
  • How can we explain the incredible value of the system
  • How can we guarantee you will be able to use it the first time, every time with confidence
  • How can we guarantee that you will never loose control of your lighting, heat or air conditioning systems.
  • How can we say with confidence, that your automation system will be the very best, be easy to upgrade, and be around for years to come

H.A.I. Omni products was the answer! Here is a company that has been receiving top industry awards for years on their very reliable, user friendly, powerful, home integration controller. They bring together all of your operating systems into one package.

  • Security
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Sprinkler controls
  • Temperature and humidity controls
  • Water flow monitoring
  • And much more...
The only thing that limits what you can integrate with the Omni line of products is your imagination. Their controllers seamlessly integrate with a plug and play connectivity with just about any worthy product on the market today.

What can H.A.I. Omni products do for you?

Your household has a pretty set repetitive schedule. Through a series of simple programming, a repetitive set of commands will occur on the days and at the times you choose to set lighting and HVAC levels to wake up, settle in, or put to sleep your home. Your plans change one day and you come home earlier or later, get hung up shopping longer than expected. What do you do? You can call your home from any phone, access your home from your computer at work, call from your cell as you pull up to the house, and with a simple command set your home into the condition you want it in when you walk in. Security OFF, Light levels set, HVAC set, house audio on. It's endless. You no longer have to leave heat or A/C on or lights burning because you don't know when you're getting home. How about trying to leave in a hurry. How many lights do you have to turn off, thermostats to set back, security to set, entertainment system still on???? How about send one command from the Omni system and it puts your home into an away mode of your choice. How about bypass security in garage and open garage door for deliveries or repairmen, from work or your car. Again, the possibilities are endless and can all be accomplished with H.A.I. products!

Omni RC80 Thermostats and Remote Temperature Sensors

You can monitor and adjust your home's heating and A/C system. You can operate the thermostat directly from it's simple keypad features, or remotely from any phone, serial linked computer, or an external Web linked computer.

You can place invisible temperature sensors in place of your thermostats, and install all thermostats in control room to keep walls clean and uncluttered. Or just hide them in a closet or inconspicuous place. Monitor and use outside temperature and humidity to send info to your HVAC system. Achieve maximum comfort, lower utility bills, and have quicker more convenient control of your home.


Omni Pro II Omni II Omni LT

The following chart will help you determine the right Omni System for your needs:


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