Home Automation (HAI) Products:

Omni LT System is an ideal choice for homes, condos, townhouses, apts, and small businesses. The system provides enhanced comfort, safety, convenience and energy savings by coordinating lighting, heating and air, security, scenes and messaging based on lifestyles and schedules.

31A00-2 Indoor / Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor - This Temperature Sensor is used for sensing outdoor or indoor temperature. It is coated with a sealant to withstand outdoor moisture and features a new, high accuracy temperature sensor that doesn’t need calibration.

RC-80 Single Stage Heat/ Cool Thermostat Single stage heating and cooling systems, heat only or cool only, radiant, hydronic, forced air; gas or electric heat (1 stage cool, 1 stage heat). UL and EPA Energy Star listed.

Future Smart Products:

FT1R-J Speed Wrap Cable is cabling consisting of (2) Cat5e, (2) Quad shielded RG6 Coax & 2 MM fiber terminated on their F.I.R. plates. This will future proof your home or office. The Cat5e can be used for Voice, Data, or I.R., while the RG6 can be used for Cable TV, Satellite, cameras, video distribution within your home. The Fiber is there for future high-bandwidth use.

FS Pro Can Distribution Panel can be designed for the size of your installation. This gives you quick access to all hubs to allow you to add, or change the use of any of your rooms.

MDAD8-6 Audio Distribution Module allows an audio signal to be distributed to 8 stereo or 16 mono speaker locations. Compatible with QuickNetwork series distribution panels.

AUD-O55B Volume Control a Stylish wall-mount volume control unit allows speaker volume to be controlled in each separate room.

100 Watt Wall Mount Speaker Set is a 2-way indoor, in-wall speaker with a 6.5" Poly Woofer, and a 1.0" Dome Tweeter. Technical Rating: 12dB octave crossover Frequency range: 55 Hz to 20,000 Hz Surround Sound capable comes White (paintable). For indoor and wall-mount use.

Security Products:

Open Eye X240 HDDR a 32 Channel DVR provides a powerful 240 FPS recording capability. Designed for those who need maximum recording. The choice in video recording. With up to 32 cameras per unit, remote software, and alarm relays, HDDRs are are quickly replacing all other forms of video recording.

HTC Color Dome Camera has a high quality picture, aesthetic and easy to install, they are good complements for your CCTV system. Specs: 1/3" High Resolution low light, CCD Color DSP, 480TVL, 0.05 Lux at f/1.4, 3.6mm, BLC, AES, AGC, 5"Ø 12VDC.

VN70C Infrared Waterproof Color Bullet Camera provides a picture in total darkness up to 90 feet.

Outdoor Infrared Camera has an outdoor infrared distance of 150ft. plus a unique 25 mm lens.


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